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Category: Meats & Poultry Product

Meats & Poultry Product

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  • Egg ( Per Piece )


    The ultimate breakfast club special. Classic white shelled eggs with a pale yellow yolk laid naturally by healthy chickens directly delivered from the poultry to you for a flavor boost to any of your meal.The natural growth of the chicken impart a richer and more sharp-tasting flavor to our egg. Much needed proteins in your daily diet.

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  • Fresh Clean Curry Cut Chicken ( 1 Kilogram )


    Tender halal cuts of chicken, straight from the farm.Naturally reared for tastier meat. The bones help to enhance the taste of the curry and are full of proteins.

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  • Fresh Cut Chicken boneless ( 1 Kilogram )


    Chicken in all its glory, but without bones and juicy to the core. Hassle free – cook directly in the pan or marinate according to your liking.Best used for preparing butter chicken ,barbecue or even pan fry.

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  • Fresh Cut Mutton ( 1 Kilogram )


    chunky pieces of rich,velvety textured goat meat from the shoulder ,leg, back and rib evenly cut to enhance the look and taste of your gravy.

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  • Fresh Liver Pota ( 1 Kilogram ) Halal


    Unmistakably the choice for true liver lovers. Cleaned, sinew-free, smooth-textured chicken liver with a distinct taste of pure richness. Uncut, it turns firm and meaty when cooked, making a tasty and excellent source of iron—ideal for blood health.

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  • Fresh Whole Chicken


    The centerpiece of any Christmas feast. This Whole Chicken comes uncut with skin on, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any of the rich goodness of chicken, prepped and cleaned for cooking.hand selected after weight and age calibration and delivered fresh to your home. ideal for that stuffed chicken on your menu

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