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Category: Fresh Fruits

Fresh Fruits

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  • Apple ( 1 Kilogram )


    It is rightly said ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Apple is a fleshy fruit full of vitamins and fiber. These apples are carefully assorted and hygienically packed. No artificial colour/flavor/preservative or pesticides is used on them.

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  • Banana ( 1 Dozen )


    This yellow fruit is full of potassium and fibre and is a great source of energy for kids,sportsmen and gym freaks. These are non tempered, carefully picked and packed ready to deliver.

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  • Grapes ( 1 kilogram )


    Botanically a berry,grapes can be eaten fresh as table grapes,or they can be used for making wine,jam,juice,raisins etc. They are full of fiber,vitamins and potassium packed and delivered hygienically to you for consumption.

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  • Watermelon ( 1 Pc )(1pc = 3-3.5Kg)


    A large juicy sweet red fruit that contains 92 percent of water and is also a best source of beautification for your skin.

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