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Category: Fresh Seafood

Fresh Seafood

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  • Clams / Big Seep ( 1 Kilogram )


    These shellfish lives halfway buried in the sand of the sea with hard shells on the outside but moist meat full of proteins from the inside.They are a lean source of vitamins and minerals as well. Maharashtrian clam curry with white rice is best served.

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  • Fresh and Clean Crab ( 1 Dozen )


    Moist meat,sweet taste and the nostalgic aroma will definitely make your money worth it. Feast yourself on something exotic yet delicate and delicious full of phosphorus,minerals and balanced cholestrol levels.

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  • Fresh and Clean Indian Salmon / Rawas ( 1 Kilogram )


    A lip smacking taste and a great alternative to lose weight. It also improves your eyesight and is full of Omega-3.Taste and fitness goes hand-in-hand. Pan fried or seared is highly recommended.

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  • Fresh Clean and Cut Prawns ( 1 Kilogram )


    The crustacean that jiggles your taste.Put them in a curry or fry them. Either way you gonna demand more of them. This minuscule is full of protein and will surely make you crave for more.

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  • Fresh Clean and Cut Seer Fish / Surmai ( 1 Kilogram )


    Enjoyed by both adults and children due to less bones. King fish, Seer fish or popularly known as “SURMAI” is a rich source of Omega-3,proteins and vitamins B-12. It is a must try with any coconut flavored curry or even pan fried.

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  • Frozen Pomfret ( 1 Kilogram )


    Don’t get fooled by the flattened appearance, the white pomfret is rich in taste and full of flavour.Enjoy its buttery texture that helps to retain its exotic status.Enjoy it grilled,stuffed or even pan fried

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  • Karimeen ( 1 Kilogram )


    We bring you the one and only tasty Karimeen. Easily one of our most sought after fish & the unofficial crown prince of Kerala fish that is equally popular all through India. Best fried and then cooked in a specially prepared Karimeen Masala.delivered fresh to enrich your experience.

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  • Light Meat Tuna

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  • Sardine

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